Campaign Rules

Hello everyone!
I thought I would use this space to lay out some campaign rules; these will be important to remember, as I will be enforcing them.

First and foremost important rule: be courteous to each other! Don’t interrupt other people while they are speaking, and pay attention when someone is performing an action. If you have complaints about how I am GMing or the rules of the game itself, please submit them to me in an orderly fashion in private; a facebook message or an e-mail will work perfectly. If we’re all nice and civil to each other, the game will progress smoothly and be more fun to everyone.

Second rule: stay focused on the task at hand! I know that it’s tempting to use game meets as a time to catch up and goof off with friends, but remember that a game meet is not an all purpose hang out. It is a gathering to perform a specific task: to play the game. If everyone stays focused on the game, then technicalities will go a lot faster which gives me more time for fluff and other things which enhance the overall experience (that means no funny videos or random internet usage!). If we can all stay focused, the game will be much more fun for everyone.

Third rule: come prepared! If you come without a character sheet, then you can’t really play the game, and I am unfortunately unable to spend the necessary amount of time to create a new character all the time. If you are in need of a new character, contact me ahead of time and we will sort it out before the next meet. It would be very helpful if you all were keep an up to date list of your character’s abilities in the characters section of this site; that way if you do forget your sheet, you still have access to it on here. In addition, please try to make all the meets that encompass a mission you start; it breaks immersion when we have characters popping in and out all the time, and makes it very difficult to plan around the party’s abilities, which generally means more basically overpowered enemies due to having to have foes that are able to deal with any situation possible.

Fourth and final rule: have fun! If you think I could be doing something better, please let me know in a private message and I will do my absolute best to remedy the situation. Stay in character and interact with the game world; in the end, the story of Advent is driven by you; I can only provide a world and characters to interact with.

With that taken care of, welcome to the Advent Obsidian Portal page! I will be coordinating all Advent campaigns through here, so this can also serve as a sort of connecting point for people to chat cross campaign. I will be getting an account for us on a free forum website, so you guys can all chat there.


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