Inhapi KhedenebneithIreretBeneret

Mermaid bard slash wwater wwizard


Name: Inhapi
Race: Triton
Sex: n/a (uniformly hermaphroditic race with no socially constructed gender)
Level: 1

Dexterity: 100, Intelligence: 150
Strength: 80, Will: 60
Constitution: 80, Intuition: 130

Personal pentagram: water, signum-air, earth-fire

Attractiveness: 50
Persuasiveness: 30
Sophistication: 30
Presence: 35

(name, tiers/points)
Lore (tech), 50
Knowledge (tech), 50
Magic (signum m/s), 80
Magic (water), 90
Blade, 70
Ranged, 60
Craft (steam), 40
Engineering, 70
Armor (light), 20
Perform, 70

Intuitive casting, Electric sense, Bardic magic

(Item, price)
Bathtub (600)
Light armor (200)
Tool kit (10)
Spellbook (100)
Harpoon gun (50)
Harp (40)

(spell, mana, dice value, description)
Curative Fluid (20) 1d8
(condenses healing potion from water)
Ice Spike (10) 1d10
(exactly what it says on the tin)
Overload (10)
(infuses nearby object with ten mana)
Beam (10) 1d10
(choose points A & B, creates laser between points)
Mind Wrack (10)
(causes thirteen seconds of debilitating terror in unaware targets)


Inhapi is the second child of the rulers of Kheden, a small state surrounding an atoll southeast of their home planet’s biggest continent. They were raised to be a suitable mate for a ruler and little else. Inhapi had an excellent tutor, though, who taught them engineering and magic, and planted the seed of rebellion that eventually lead to Inhapi’s running away disguised as the equivalent of an indentured servant on important business. Inhapi’s method of escape forfeited the occupancy of any throne on the Triton world, since it involved a haircut, and royal Tritons are not permitted by tradition to cut their hair.

During Inhapi’s journey they saw members of other species who had lost the use of their legs locomoting in wheelchairs, and originally tried one as a way of getting around while trapped in tailed form. But it didn’t accommodate the form very well and they kept slipping off the seat, since it’s hard for mermaids to bend sharply at the hip, them having a continuation of the spine there instead of ball-and-socket joints. They also have a tendency to dry out. The not-very-obvious-but-pretty-awesome solution to this was a steam-powered bathtub with spider legs.

Inhapi KhedenebneithIreretBeneret

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